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We offer a number of courses to support your emotional and work needs. Click on the individual courses to find out more.

“The GROW Your Confidence Course is really beneficial for those who are struggling and want support.”

I.N. — A learner


Grow Skills for a Living

Develop your confidence and assertiveness to help you discover coping skills and imnprove your life's journey, personal and work life.

Learn My Way

Develop your digital skills to improve self-esteem, stay safe and connected with others.

Make Technology Work for you

Overcome some of life's barriers and move forward with time to make life work for you,

Meals on a Budget

Learn to eat healthy and budget friendly meals and have access to nutritional and heath related information


Improve your maths skills, knowledge and understanding to help you cope better in life and perform well at work

Groups & Services

Voluntary Work Experience Group (VWE)

Develop your work skills, concentration and interests in a supportive work environment,

WSS Self-Employment Essentials Workshop

Develop basic knowledge, skills and understanding in setting up your own business.

Realise Your Potential and Value Yourself

A weekly group that focuses on helping you identify courses and further learning to enhance your employability.

We Hear You

Free and low-cost therapy in collaboration with Mind-Growth Mastery.

Solutions Together

Helping you to overcome barriers which are preventing you from moving forward in your life or from engaging in a meaningful activity.

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